Aprenda Fazendo, Divirta-se Aprendendo. Cooking´n Fun.

O projeto Cross-cultural Aprenda Fazendo, Divirta-se Aprendendo continua a fazer a alegria de nossos alunos. A seguir, os depoimentos de dois integrantes do nosso Nível Básico:

1. "Last Monday (04-06-2007) I and me group made Pancakes. I brought two eggs, and my friends brought the other things. The Teacher talked about its origin and how to make it. First we prepared the ingredients and each students fried one Pancake, and eat it with syrup. It was a nice experience."

Cristiano R. Filho (Basic Level)

2. "Last Monday, June 4, our English class made American Pancakes. Each student took one ingredient, and we made the pancakes all together. Everyone fried his/her pancake, including the famous toss and turn. This experience was very interesting, because we had never eaten American Pancakes and now we can make them for our families and friends daily or in celebrations."

Carolina Bittencourt

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